Brooks Lab

The Brooks laboratory focuses on benign and malignant diseases of the kidney and prostate with the goal of making discoveries that can aid in patient care. We use discovery-based platforms including genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and glycoproteomics to identify disease-specific biomarkers that can be used in diagnosis, prognostication, therapy selection, and monitoring treatment efficacy. For biomarkers of particular interest, we have pursued mechanistic studies to understand their roles in disease origin and progression and are now developing therapies based on those discoveries. We have developed many resources, such as tissue microarrays with detailed clinical annotation, as well as blood, urine and tissue resources from clinical trials to test and validate candidate biomarkers. Many or our projects are transdisciplinary, taking advantage of the rich research environment at Stanford.

Stanford Medcast: with Guest, Dr. Brooks

Episode 32: Hot Topics Mini-Series: Screening for Prostate Cancer
This episode is part of the Stanford Medicine Prostate Cancer CME Series: Treatment Across the Prostate Cancer Continuum. The goal of the Prostate Cancer Series is to enhance the learners understanding of complex treatment options, the latest diagnostics, current guidelines for testing, types of tests available as well as discussions on other conditions that may cause an elevated PSA.

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