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03/20/2018 Stanford researchers listen for silent seizures with "brain stethoscope" that turns brain waves into sound, Stanford News
6/23/2017 Josef Parvizi, an interview, Neuron
12/8/2016 Study establishes extent of human brain excited by specific dose of electricity, Stanford Medicine
4/14/2015 No Rest For Your Sleeping Brain, NPR
4/9/2015 Study Deciphers "Noise" in Human Brain During Sleep, Sleep Review
4/8/2015 Study deciphers the noise int he human brain, Stanford Medicine
1/28/2014 Stanford team helps woman battle epileptic seizures, ABC
12/9/2013 Epilepsy Patients Help Decode The Brain's Hidden Signals, NPR
12/9/2013 Will to Persevere Can Be Triggered by Electric Stimulation, Scientific American
12/5/2013 'Determination' can be induced by electrical brain stimulation, The Guardian
12/5/2013 Need Some Resilience? A Few Zaps of Electricity Might Help,
12/5/2013 Electric Brain Stimulation Triggers Eye-of-the-Tiger Effect, National Geographic
10/22/2013 Epilepsy opens a new window into brain function, San Francisco Chronicle
10/15/2013 Watch specialised number neurons in action, NewScientist
10/15/2013 Brain Implants Can Detect Mathematical Thinking, MIT Tech Review
10/15/2013 Finally, a Way to Read Minds, Time
10/15/2013 Can brain scientists read your mind?, CNN Health
10/9/2013 "Brain Stethescope" Turns Brain Waves Into Music, NBC
10/9/2013 Music Project Could Be 'Powerful Biofeedback Tool' for Epilepsy, Epilepsy Research UK
10/8/2013 Turning brain waves into music helps spot seizures, San Francisco Chronicle
10/02/2013 Epilepsy Study Reveals the Brain in Action, The California Report
10/02/2013 The eerie music you're about to hear is actually a brain while it's experiencing a seizure, The Blaze
10/01/2013 Seizures Turned into Music With Help of 'Brain Stethoscope', Huffington Post
9/24/2013 Stanford scientists build a 'brain stethoscope' to turn seizures into music, Stanford News
9/23/2013 Epilepsy Reveals the Brain in Action, KQED Science
5/07/2013 Numeral Hotspot, Science Update, (AAAS) American Association for the Advancement of Science
4/23/2013 Your Brain on Math, TIME
4/18/2013 Scientists May Have Spotted Brain's 'Numbers Center', US News
4/18/2013 Number recognition: Researchers discover math center in the brain, Spiegel
4/17/2013 Scientists locate brain 'hot spot' responsible for numeral recognition, Fox News
4/17/2013 Scientists Indentify brain area involved in recognition of numbers,
4/16/2013 We've got your number: Exact spot in brain where numeral recognition takes place revealed, Stanford Medicine Scope
4/16/2013 Scientists Pinpoint Brain's Area for Numeral Recognition, Science Daily
11/20/2012 Perception: Facing Reality, Nature Reviews Neuroscience
11/16/2012 Face processing in the brain: "That was a trip", Oscillatory Thoughts
11/05/2012 Identifying the brain's own facial recognition system, The Independent
10/26/2012 'Face blindness' clues uncovered with new brain-zapping test, NBC News
10/25/2012 U.S. scientists have discovered a key nerve cluster is expected to reveal the face recognition differences, Tianjin
10/24/2012 Electrical Stimulation of Human Fusiform Face-Selective Regions Distorts Face Perception, Journal of Neuroscience
10/24/2012 Facial Recognition: Fusiform Gyrus Brain Region 'Solely Devoted' to Faces, Study Suggests, Huffington Post
10/24/2012 Nerve Clusters May Hold Clues to Facial Blindness, Fox News
10/24/2012 Changing Faces: Stimulating the Brain Morphs People's Faces Before Patient's Eyes,
10/24/2012 Brain Zapping Study Sheds Light on Facial Blindness, ABC News
10/24/2012 New Insights into the Science of Emotion Unravel the Seeming Neurological Magic that Turns Emotions into Social Expressions, Seed Magazine
10/23/2012 Identifying the Brain's Own Facial Recognition System, Science Magazine
10/23/2012 Electrical stimulation of brain area causes strange visual illusions, LA Times
10/23/2012 Faces 'Morphed' for Man When Scientists Tweaked His Brain Study gives insights into how humans recognize other individuals, U.S News
10/23/2012 Precisely Targeted Electrical Brain Stimulation Alters Perception of Faces, Scientists Find, Inside Stanford Medicine
10/23/2012 Study Gives Insight into Facial Recognition, SF Gate
9/4/2012 Mathmatics or Memory? Study charts collision course in brain, Inside Stanford Medicine
9/4/2012 Australia, India, New Zealand, Russia, Holland, Italy, Brazil



11/30/2010 The Electrical Nature of Being, Medpedia


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