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The Brain Elastic

Electrodes that stimulate brain tissue reveal the topography of conscious experience. Applying electric currents reveals the function of varying brain regions and helps to alleviate neurological disorders

Article by Christof Koch, Illustration by Zara Piken

Researchers pinpoint brain circuitry underlying dissociative experiences

Stanford scientists identified brain circuitry that plays a role in the mysterious experience called dissociation, in which people can feel disconnected from their bodies and reality.

Study shows why even well-controlled epilepsy can disrupt thinking

Transient bursts of high-frequency electrical activity in epileptic brain tissue can impair cognition even when no seizure is occurring, Stanford scientists have found.

Stanford researchers listen for silent seizures with "brain stethoscope" that turns brain waves into sound

By converting brain waves into sound, even non-specialists can detect “silent seizures” – epileptic seizures without the convulsions most of us expect.