The Tobacco Prevention Toolkit

Materials for educators, administrators, parents/guardians, and anyone who works with youth.

Please note that in addition to the restrictions contained in the Terms of Use, it is prohibited for anyone to use or modify the Toolkit in connection with any project or program operated, sponsored or otherwise funded in whole or in part by anyone or any entity who is in the business of selling products that contain tobacco and/or nicotine. 

About the Tobacco Prevention Toolkit

The Tobacco Prevention Toolkit is a new, theory-based and evidence-informed educational resource created by educators and researchers aimed at preventing middle and high school students’ use of cigarettes, cigars/cigarillos, chew, hookah, and electronic cigarettes. This Toolkit contains a set of modules focused on e-cigarettes and vapes, messages on nicotine addiction, information and resources concerning positive youth development, and school policies that provide information about school tobacco policies and tobacco control efforts.  Developing this Toolkit was accomplished by partnering with key stakeholders (educators, parents, and students), others involved in tobacco or health education, and scientists. We also conducted formative research to inform our curriculum, including holding a series of focus groups with students, health educators, tobacco prevention researchers, leaders within the California Department of Education’s Tobacco Control Branch, and basic scientists focusing on tobacco, e-cigarettes, and addiction, to identify the most important content areas that need to be included, delivery strategies that are engaging for youth, and to obtain the latest evidence known about each tobacco product to ensure that the information presented in our curriculum is accurate.

Help Keep the Toolkit Free

The Tobacco Prevention Toolkit is committed to providing free tobacco/nicotine prevention materials to educators directly working with youth. Everything on the TPT website and trainings are free of charge . Although it is not required, contributions to these ongoing efforts are appreciated.

More information on donating to the Tobacco Prevention Toolkit can be found here.

Goals of the Toolkit

  1. For students to understand basic information about tobacco products, including e-cigarettes/vape pens, and the harm they cause
  2. For students to gain awareness of strategies manufacturers of tobacco, including e-cigarettes/vape pens, employ to increase use among adolescents through deceptive and creative marketing strategies
  3. For students to gain skills to refuse experimentation and use of tobacco (Check out our Refusal Skills Page!)
  4. For school teachers and administrators to be able to develop and set new school policies

Read more about the history of the Tobacco Prevention Toolkit and the Team.

Using the Toolkit

The Tobacco Prevention Toolkit is an educational resource that can be adapted to fit the individual needs of educators and students in all types of settings, including elementary, middle and high schools; community-based organizations; and health-related agencies.

Educators are encouraged to pick and choose which lessons will be most useful for their students and adapt activities to suit their needs. You will find that the PowerPoints, worksheets, and activities can all be altered as desired. Please also review the Crash Courses included in certain modules for more information for educators and parents, and please see the Resources section that provides additional information and websites that are relevant to educators, parents, youth, and others who are interested.

Sample Curriculums

Subject Relevant Materials