• Review on Radiomics for Brain Tumors

    We just published a review of radiomics on brain tumors. Brain tumors are notoriously aggressive and new treatment strategies are urgently needed to treat this devastating disease.

  • Radiogenomics lung cancer analysis

    We just reported a large radiogenomic analysis of lung cancer, showing that image features are associated with the EGF pathway in lung cancer.

  • Novel subtypes of intestinal stem cells

    The Gevaert lab discovered two types of intestinal stem cells using bioinformatics analysis of transcriptome data of several populations of intestinal stem cells.

  • Novel CIMPatypical subtype described in head and neck cancer

    Together with the Sunwoo lab, we discovered a new subtype of Head and Neck Cancer based on epigenomics computational modeling! This fantastic work by Dr Kevin Brennan, a postdoc in the lab,provides clear avenues for developing diagnostics tests to detect this subtype and novel ideas for treatment.

  • Imaging signature for EGFR mutation status

    Together with the department of radiology at Stanford, we developed a model based on only four image features that predicts the presence of EGFR mutations in non small cell lung cancer.