• DigitalTwin pilot project funded by DoE & NCI

    We are developing a Digital Twin (DT) by integrating baseline multi-modal data and repeated measurements for real-time dynamic model training and updating.

  • Collaboration with Lucence diagnostics.

    Excited to work with Lucence to improve liver cancer diagnosis and treatment ! More info here.

  • PanCanAtlas published

    The Gevaert lab was involved in the PanCanAtlas contributing to the pan-squamous analysis and the cancer stemness report.

  • Gevaert lab receives funding with Cambridge

    The Gevaert lab, together with Dr. John Leppert at Dept of urology, was selected as 1 out of 4 projects to receive funding from the Canary Center to collaborate with Charlie Massie and Stewart Grant at Cambridge.

  • Review on Radiomics for Brain Tumors

    We just published a review of radiomics on brain tumors. Brain tumors are notoriously aggressive and new treatment strategies are urgently needed to treat this devastating disease.