Lab News

Jun June 01 Fri 2018

Tina Hernandez-Boussard, MD, associate professor of biomedical informatics, data science, and surgery, has just been named to the National Advisory Council for Healthcare Research and Quality.

May May 28 Mon 2018

The Boussard lab is recruiting 2 postdoctoral scholars with experise in machine learning, health services research, biomedical informatics, and population health to use Big Data to explore diagnostic error. For more details, please click here.

Apr April 11 Wed 2018

We will be hosting a workshop at the next Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing: Merging Heterogeneous Data to Enable Knowledge Discover. We are now accepting abstracts.  See anouncement here.

Mar March 28 Wed 2018

Please see our work highlighted at Medicine Grand Rounds: Applied Biomedical Informatics: Harnessing Big Data to Optimize Patient-Valued Care.  Video is available here.

Multimodal Analgesia for Pain Management

We assessed the association between discharge multimodal analgesia and postoperative pain outcomes in two diverse health care settings using electronic health records. We found amajority of surgical patients receive a multimodal pain approach at discharge yet many receive only opioids. Multimodal regimen at discharge was associated with better follow-up pain and all-cause readmissions compared to the opioid-only regimen.

Opioid Abuse And Poisoning

We analyzed national trends in inpatient and emergency department (ED) discharges for opioid abuse, dependence, and poisoning using Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project data. Inpatient and ED discharge rates increased overall across the study period, but a decline was observed for prescription opioid–related discharges beginning in 2010, while a sharp increase in heroin-related discharges began in 2008.