Lab News

Sept 2013 Dr. Taylor’s paper on the role of DNA hydroxymethylation in Osteoarthritis is accepted in ARTHRITIS & RHEUMATISM (A&R). Congratulations, Sarah!

Aug 2013 The lab had a fun picnic under the sun, boating and relaxing in the Shoreline park.

July 2013 Welcome Akshara Balachandra and Yema Jalal to join the lab for summer internships.

Mar 2013 Dr. Bhutani’s manuscript on the role of AID in induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) reparing was published in FASEB JOURNAL (FASEB J).

Dec 2012 Madhu successfully defended her Thesis Presentation. Congratulations, Madhu!

Oct 2012 The lab celebrated their first Diwali party with sweets and sparklers!

July 2012 Welcome our new post-doctoral scholar Dr. Piera Smeriglio and Stanford undergraduate Rachel Pedreira to join the lab!

May 2012  Dr. Bhutani’s manuscript on the role of Cathepsins in neurodegeneration was published in JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY (JBC).

Jan 2012 Welcome Dr. Sarah Taylor to join the lab for her post-doctoral research!

Dec 2011 The lab enjoyed their first holiday lunch.

Sept 2011 Dr. Bhutani’s review on ‘DNA Demethylation Dynamics’ with Dr. Burns, and Professor Blau is published in Cell.

Aug 2011 Welcome Madhu to join the lab for her Master’s thesis research.  Welcome Subbu to join the lab as the lab manager/research assistant.

July 2011 Welcome to the Bhutani Lab!