Self Assessment

Mindfulness Quiz
Self-Compassion Scale

Classes for Healthcare Providers

Mindfulness: An Awareness-Based Stress Reduction Program in Medicine (Psych 233)
[Contact mindfulness instructor Mark Abramson (650-498-5566) to form additional classess for healthcare providers]
Compassion Cultivation for the Physician-in-Training (Med 213)
Mindful Living Retreats for Healthcare Professionals
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Classes at Stanford

Mindfulness (HIP)
Mindfulness at Work (HIP)
Compassion Cultivation Training (CCARE)
Compassion Cultivation Teacher Training (CCARE)
Leading with Mindfulness and Compassion (GSBGEN 524)
Pursuit of Happiness and Health (Peds 106)
Strengthening the Heart Through Compassion (Wellness 18)

Classes in the Community

Palo Alto Medical Foundation
El Camino Hospital
El Camino Hospital Mindful Qigong
Mindfulness Teacher Training


Listserve - sign up at stanfordmindfulness@yahoogroups.com

Weekly mindful practice groups:
Tuesdays 6-6:45pm LKSC 130
Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm El Camino Hospital

Periodic drop-in classes for CCARE


There is a wide variety of mindfulness and compassion apps, CDs, DVDs, and online training available.

Mindfulness is a way of thinking that enhances focus and clarity despite the pressures of a busy day.

Mindfulness is especially suited to physicians, because it can help counteract the worrying, perfectionism and self-judgment that are so common among doctors.

Mindfulness helps physicians listen more carefully to their patients, show more compassion, and approach problems in a fresh, open-minded way.

In addition, studies have shown decreased burnout and enhanced well-being, sleep, concentration, and memory/learning from practicing mindfulness.