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Group Fitness At-A-Glance Class Schedule

Healthy Living At-A-Glance Class Schedule.

Summer Quarter Dates:

June 13th at 9 am: Registration opens

6/26: Classes begin

9/1: Classes end


STAP funds are expiring! Here are some great classes to use your funds and earn a “berry.”


LANTERN - Find your way to a stronger self

Lantern is a coach-supported mobile mental health program.  We offer a new, accessible standard of care that engages people who otherwise may never seek or find care to improve mental health outcomes for a fraction of the cost of therapy. Through a range of evidence-based techniques rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and mindfulness, patients learn to ease and manage stress, anxiety, and depression.


Webinar Library

HIP has posted some recently archived Webinars. You'll find them on our "Online Resources" page. They are all FREE and open to anyone that wishes to listen to these informative lectures. The topics include:

  • Disease Prevention and Management
  • Environmental Health
  • Health Enrichment
  • Nutrition/Weight Management
  • Stress Management
  • Wellness at Work

Trust Your Gut and Preventing Burnout are our most recently added Webinars.
Bookmark if you want to listen to them at a future time.

Wellness on Wheels

Let HIP bring classes to you.

The Health Improvement Program (HIP) brings Fitness and/or Healthy Living classes to your University or SHC/LPCH department via Wellness on Wheels (WoW). Many of the classes that are offered each quarter by HIP can be brought to your worksite.

Find out about WoW.

To request a WoW class for your department, please complete the Wellness on Wheels web form

Email us for more info.

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Health Improvement Program has moved!

On June 27th HIP moved into it's new location at 3300 Hillview Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304.

All phone numbers will remain the same.

Phone: (650) 723-9649
Fax: 650-723-6450

Both locations (MSOB and 1070 Arastradero) will now be located at the Hillview Avenue.

Mission Statement

The Health Improvement Program (HIP) aims to create a culture of wellness and increase employee productivity by empowering individuals to be self-managers of their health. It models the science of healthy living by using translational research to promote wellness. Our primary work involves Stanford University faculty and staff, but our programs are shared and utilized around the world.

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Coordinated Programs

BeWell Program

Be you. BeWell.

HIP partners with Stanford Health Care & Stanford Children's Health.
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Other Programs

Find your way to strengthening your emotional well-being. Learn more.

Transform yourself in sixteen weeks.

An innovative online health program to help reduce risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
Learn more on how to reduce your risk  »

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NEW: 5-minutes dynamic streching video from BeWell!

BeWell Coaches Amanda Miller and Natalie Lavorato and BeWell Screener John Acena lead a five minute dynamic stretching routine that is great for warming up for a more intense workout or taking an energizing mid-day break. Six exercises are performed for 45 seconds each: shoulder rolls, trunk rotations, butt kickers, windmills, side lunges and front lunges.

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