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Burnout and Physician Wellness

Dr. Cori Poffenberger was featured on a recent NBC Nightly News story discussing the challenges of physician wellness, her experience with burnout, and her drive to improve the system for all physicians.

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California Wildfires

The Butte County fire destroyed more than 13,000 homes and displaced more than 50,000 people. Physicians, fellows, residents and nurses from our department provided medical support to FEMA and to those in shelters. "Everyone has a's humbling."

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New Concussion Guidelines

Dr. Angela Lumba-Brown was interviewed by NPR  on managing and treating concussions. Dr. Lumba-Brown was lead author of new CDC guidelines on managing and treating head injuries, just released in October 2018.

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High-tech Health

“This project has a twofold advantage...It provides health care to communities without it, and it employs people marginalized within their own communities.” Dr. Ayesha Khan shares how her groundbreaking e-curriculum is impacting Haiti, India and beyond in a new Stanford Medicine Magazine article. 

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Stanford Partners with Area Fire Departments

The majority of calls fire departments respond to are medical, not incendiary. To ensure 8 area fire departments know leading-edge treatments and have access to additional resources and trainings, Stanford Department of Emergency Medicine has developed a unique partnership, facilitated by Dr. Peter D'Souza.

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UltraFest 2018

Chair Andra Blomkalns, MD, clincal instructor Deborah Kimball, MD, and more than 10 Stanford Emergency Medicine faculty and fellows hosted 150 medical students from around the country at UltraFest 2018, where hands-on workshops and simulations gave attendees valuable point-of-care ultrasound experience.

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The Deadliest Flu: 100 Years Later Are We Prepared?

Milana Boukhman, MD and Colin Bucks, MD recently discussed the likelihood of a flu epidemic of the same magnitude as the 1918 Spanish Influenza epidemic that killed 50 million worldwide.

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