Faculty Mentors

Vascular Reactivity, Remodeling, and Thrombosis

Ronald Dalman, MD

AAA pathophysiology

Larry Leung, MD

Molecular determinants of

Marlene Rabinovitch, MD

Pulmonary vascular disease and BMP

Mark Nicolls, MD

Inflammation, pulmonary hypertension, microvascular circulation

Eugene C. Butcher, PhD

Lymphocytes and endothelial lining


Vascular Regeneration and Development

Geoffrey Gurtner, MD

Angiogenesis and wound healing

Ngan Huang, PhD

Mechanobiology and stem cell differentiation

Calvin Kuo, MD

Soluble inhibitors of angiogenesis

Joseph Wu, MD, PhD

Regenerative medicine

Wing Wong, PhD

Computational analysis of ESC transcriptome

Kristy Red-Horse, PhD

Coronary vessel development, cell fate and morphogenesis of the vasculature

Metabolic or Lifestyle influences on Vascular Outcomes

Victor Froelicher, MD

Exercise physiology, effects on aortic structure

Paul Heidenreich, MD

Cost efficacy and quality in CV therapies

Peter Kao, MD

HMG coA reductase inhibition and PAH

Fredric Kraemer, MD

Cellular lipid metabolism

Matthew Mell, MD

Health care delivery for complex surgical diseases

Minang ‘Mintu’ Turakhia, MD, MAS

Heart rhythm disorders and atrial fibrillation

Proteomic Markers and Genetic Determinants of Vascular Disease

Philip W. Lavori, PhD

Biostatistics and clinical trial design

Richard Olshen, PhD

Bioinformatics for high throughput biology

Nicholas Leeper, MD

Genetics and Vascular Biology

Themistocles "Tim" Assimes, MD, PhD

Genetic Epidemiology, Genetic Determinants of Complex Traits related to Cardiovasular Medicine

Philip Tsao, PhD

Transcriptomics/proteomics of aneurysms

P.J. Utz, MD

Proteomics of autoantigens in CAD

Nigam H. Shah, MBBS, PhD

Using Annotation Analytics to understand the “gene lists” from analysis of high-throughput data concerning disease ontologies

Michael Snyder, PhD

Genome sequencing, transcriptomics proteomics metabolomics, DNA methylation and microbiome assays to the analysis of human disease

Roham Zamanian, MD, FCCP

Biomarkers and translational research in PAH

Gender and Ethnicity Differences in Vascular Disease

H. Craig Heller, PhD

Vasomotor instability during menopause

Stanley Rockson, MD

Mechanisms of lymphatic dysfunction

Marcia Stefanick, PhD

Hormonal therapy for cardiovascular disease

Jennifer Tremmel, MD

Gender differences in coronary artery disease

Wei Zhou, MD

Asian vasoactive therapies


Vascular Bioengineering

Michael Dake, MD

Endovascular devices and endografts

Sarah Heilshorn, PhD

Biomaterials for regenerative medicine

Ngan Huang, PhD

Mechanobiology and stem cell differentiation

Dwight Nishimura, PhD

Novel MR algorithms for vascular imaging

Todd Brinton, MD

Biodesign innovation; Development of medical technologies and pre-clinical evaluation.

Alison Marsden, PhD

Cardiovascular biomechanics computational models

Jeffrey Feinstein, MD, MPH

Computational modeling of the pulmonary circulation