Yoon Lab

Advancing Psychiatry Through Innovations in Neuroimaging

GABA Bottom of a Dream © Neil Murphy Studio

Our Aim

The Yoon Lab seeks to discover the brain mechanisms responsible for several types of mental illness and to translate this knowledge into the clinic to improve how we diagnose and treat these conditions. Towards these ends, our group has been developing advanced brain imaging tools to identify abnormalities and test new brain-based models of these conditions.

Utilizing fMRI to discover the brain circuits responsible for schizophrenia and translating this knowledge into the clinic to improve how we diagnose and treat this condition.    Learn More

Researching whether repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) has the ability to improve neurocognition and functioning in veterans with schizophrenia-spectrum conditions. Learn More

Using a recently-formulated PET radiotracer to test one of the foundational hypotheses regarding the cause of schizophrenia:  the synaptic pruning hypothesis of schizophrenia.  Learn More

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Utilizing a novel MRI spectroscopy method to test the GABA deficit hypothesis in schizophrenia.  Learn More


Analyzing patient speech and behavioral patterns to objectively diagnose psychiatric conditions. Learn More

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