Advanced X-ray and CT Imaging @ Stanford

The Wang Group develops advanced x-ray and CT imaging systems and methods. We are a part of the Radiological Sciences Laboratory (RSL) division of the Department of Radiology. We are located in the Lucas Center for Imaging and have research labs in the Grant Building.

Our group's interests revolve around the following areas:

  • Novel systems and methods for x-ray and CT imaging
  • Dual energy / spectral imaging, including photon counting detectors
  • Applications of artificial intelligence / machine learning / deep learning to medical imaging
  • Monte Carlo and Deterministic methods for x-ray imaging and radiation dose
  • Model-based image reconstruction


Our Labs

Zeego Lab

Dr. Wang is also the Director of the Zeego Lab, which is a research CT system that can be used for phantom and animal studies. The Zeego is a highly flexible and powerful imaging tool due to its robotic C-arm, and is particularly well suited for image-guided interventions.

Tabletop Cone-Beam CT Lab

Our tabletop system can be configured to different geometries and consists of an x-ray tube, rotating stage, and flat panel x-ray detector. It can conduct precise experiments under highly controlled conditions and can prototype novel imaging technologies. The system is also used as a teaching lab for biomedical instrumentation courses.