The VSC uses AnimalTrax to process many VSC requests, such as animal ordering, requesting housing transfers, census management using information imported from your APLAC protocol. Some of the key features are:

  • Submitting animal requisitions online
  • Online PTA management (add PTAs based on each protocol you have assigned)
  • Real-time tracking of the number of animals available for ordering
  • Monthly invoices sent to your financial contacts
  • Automated census and cage tracking via green RFID cards
  • Email notifications of animal deliveries

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AnimalTrax has been updated to v.93 on April 16, 2022. Please see below for a summary of the latest updates.

General Updates:
  • Search Document Tool: Leading zero requirements for Search Document Tool has been removed for the Search Document Tool.  All documents (requisitions, transfers, barcodes) can be searched without providing “000” or “0000” preceding the actual number.
  • Animal Orders: Cage cards now include their order’s respective line-item number associated with each barcode. Line numbers are denoted by a hyphen (-).
  • Updates to the DFA Role: Expired protocols now appear when viewing invoices.
  • Immediate fix: Email Templates: Emails sent to investigators have been updated for better wording and phrasing.
  • Improved Page Load Times for Cage Card Report.

One-on-One Training for Researchers

Are you a new researcher and need some help with learning how to use AnimalTrax for your lab? Learn how to submit animal orders, internal/external transfers, split/wean guidelines, reports, and more. Training is specialized for your lab's needs.

Offered every Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays, excluding Stanford Holidays upon request via zoom or in person for you and/or your lab - no charge.

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