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The Tobacco Prevention Toolkit

Theory-based and evidence-informed resources created by educators, parents, and researchers aimed at preventing middle and high school students’ use of tobacco and nicotine.

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Quick Background

The Tobacco Prevention Toolkit (TPT) is a research-informed and validated set of curriculums (download a 1-page overivew of TPT publications below) to help prevent students from starting or escalating use of any tobacco product.

The goals of this Toolkit are for students to:

  1. Understand basic information about tobacco products, including e-cigarettes/vape pens, and the harm they cause
  2. Gain awareness of strategies manufacturers of tobacco, including e-cigarettes/vape pens, employ to increase use among adolescents through deceptive and creative marketing strategies
  3. Gain skills to refuse experimentation and use of tobacco

Download 1-pager of Tobacco Prevention Toolkit publications:

Find What You're Looking For

Whether you're a first timer or a returning user of the Toolkit, we have a plethora of curriculum organized and packaged in various ways to make it easy to start teaching your students.

This new and improved website layout allows you to find what you're looking for quickly while receiving an overview of that particular curriculum item. 

See the entire Toolkit curriculum organized by teaching format by using the "Take and Teach" tab. Each curriculum format and item now has it's own webpage with clearer descriptions. You can think of this tab as a list of ingredients that you can combine to create your own dish.

View our ready-to-use curriculums, organized by various categories with the "Curriculum Decision Maker" tab. You can think of this tab as recipes developed by our team, using the ingredients from the Take and Teach tab.  


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