Surgery Interest Group (SIG)

As medical students, we're busy taking care of our heads, and POM should be taking care of our hearts, but where do we turn to educate our hands? How can you get acquainted with the fascinating art of surgery and the amazing physicians at Stanford who practice it?

The Surgery Interest Group at Stanford is committed to promoting surgery as a career, enhancing surgical education of medical students at Stanford, and giving you every opportunity to thrive, learn and become a leader in surgery.

Check out the surgery courses offered this year:


Surg 204: Introduction to Surgery

Surg 205: Technical Training and Preparation for the Surgical Environment

Surg 280: Early Clinical Experience in Surgery


Surg 234: Surgery Through Service: Surgeons with an Impact

Surg 236: Seminar in Global Surgery and Anesthesia

Surg 254: Operative Anatomy and Techniques


Surg 242: Art and Anatomy Studio

Surg 255: Clinical Anatomy and Surgical Education Series: Head and Neck

Surg 280: Anatomy of Medical Mysteries

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