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Our goal is to address the growing problem of diabetes and relate complications, especially in underserved communities, and to empower youth in the community to make positive changes in their own lives to prevent chronic illness. This unique and innovative course trains high school students to become diabetes self-management coaches for their diabetic family members and friends.  The program is designed to give students an important role in community health and to improve the health of diabetes patients as well as empower students and encourage healthy behaviors. 

The course consists of eight weekly, highly structured classes.  Each class is comprised of an accompanying script for instructors, power point presentation, quiz for students, and weekly coaching assignment (available in English and Spanish). In addition to teaching basic diabetes knowledge, the course includes rigorous instruction on nutrition, healthy meal planning, physical activity, healthy weight maintenance, stress reduction, and developing partnerships with healthcare providers.  Communication skills, problem solving techniques, and goal setting through action plans are also emphasized.

The effect of the program is evalauted by giving pre-tests to students before the first class and post-tests after the last class.  Based on the pilot work with this program, training adolescents to become diabetes self-management coaches for their diabetic family members appears to be a highly effective method for increasing diabetes awareness among adolescents. 

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Partners with medical institutions and high schools in the US and Canada.

Each gift will support research in the development and evaluation of school based, health education programs that provide effective, sustainable, and reproducible benefit to students and families in under resourced communities.