Septris 2.0 is a mobile-accessible, case-based, online game launched worldwide and developed for hospital-based medical and surgical, intensive care and emergency department physicians and nurses for treating Sepsis. This is an educational tool and the clinical information found in this game is part of the educational material. It should not take the place of practitioner decision-making in clinical circumstances.

Play Septris 2.0 to test your skills while applying a practical approach to early sepsis identification and application of evidence-based management (best practice) and evidence-based guidelines. Interactive case scenarios will be used to put these principles into practice and simulate care in real-time.
In Septris, you will try to heal 10 patients assigned to you. When a patient reaches the top of the screen, he or she will be discharged and you will get a new patient to treat until you have treated all 10 patients. Without adequate treatment patient’s health will consistently drop. The patient dies if he or she reaches the bottom of the screen.

To select a patient, click on the patient’s portrait and the selected patient will be outlined in red. Selecting a patient allows you to view their vitals, history, and lab results, and will allow you to apply treatments to that patient.

When a patient is selected, details about the patient will appear in the patient history pane. This will include lab results, pending labs, currently apply treatments and their durations.

Use the next and back buttons to flip through the pages. Select the patient, navigate the actions menu to find the lab and/or treatment you’d like to apply, and then click action. You will see the notification text pop up confirming your action.

The game will end when all of your patients have either healed or died. Correctly treating your patient will give you bonus points, and incorrectly treating your patient will give you negative points. Answer the pop quiz questions correctly for extra bonus points.  At the end of the game you will have the option to view your activity log for debriefing and submit your high score to the leaderboard.