Radiological Sciences Laboratory

The Stanford Radiological Sciences Laboratory (RSL) is a research division of the Department of Radiology centered on the areas of Magnetic Resonance Imaging, X-Ray/Computed Tomography, and Ultrasound.  The RSL consists of thirteen faculty (PhD scientists) plus a number of affiliated clinicians and researchers in other departments, working in collaboration to develop improved imaging methods for scientific, diagnostic, and therapeutic applications.  In addition to conducting scientific and clinical imaging research, the RSL provides education and training for graduate students in the Biomedical Physics Program as well as graduate students and postdocs home-based in different science, engineering, and clinical departments.

The RSL is housed in several locations, including the Lucas Center for Imaging and the Stanford Research Park (3155 Porter Dr).  Major equipment and facilities include four whole-body GE MRI systems (as part of the Lucas Service Center, offering MRI access to hundreds of researchers both within and outside of Radiology), and a C-Arm X-ray system (as part of the Zeego Lab).

We invite you to explore our site to learn more about our cutting-edge scientific and clinical research, and we continually seek new collaborations and new trainees-please reach out and join us!


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