Lab Members

Sandy Napel, PhD

Principal Investigator

Research interest: Volumetric Visualization, Quantitative Imaging, Imaging Genomics, Content-based Medical Image Retrieval


Shaimaa Bakr

Graduate Student in Electrical Engineering

Research Interest: Medical Imaging, Image Processing


Eduardo Somoza

Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Radiology

Research Interests: Using medical imaging to address cancer health disparities in low income communities.



Chris Beaulieu, MD, PhD

Professor of Radiology, Chief of Musculoskeletal Imaging

Research Interest: Three dimensional computer graphics representation of, medical imaging data, including clinical applications of virtual, colonoscopy and arthroscopy; interactive MRI evaluation of joint, motion.

Olivier Gevaert, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine - Biomedical Informatics Research

Research Interest: Biomedical data fusion: the development of machine learning methods for biomedical decision support using multi-scale biomedical data. Previously we pioneered data fusion work using Bayesian and kernel methods studying breast and ovarian cancer.

Nishita Kothary, MD

Associate Professor of Radiology

Research Interest: Gastrointestinal and Hepatic Oncology

Ann Leung, MD

Title: Professor of Radiology, Diagnostic Radiology, Chief of Thoracic Imaging

Research Interest: High-resolution computed tomography of the thorax, particularly its application in the setting of acute lung disease in the immunocompromised host; quantitative assessment of abnormalities, using spiral CT; and enhancement characteristics of lung cancers on, CT and MRI

Sylvia Plevritis, PhD

Title: Professor of Biomedical Data Science

Research Interest: My research program focuses on computational modeling of cancer biology and cancer outcomes.

Daniel Rubin, PhD

Associate Professor of Radiology

Research Interest: Content Based Image Retrieval in Radiology, Computer Aided Decision Support, Ontologies and Semantic Web, Natural Language Processing and Information Extraction. 

Joseph Shrager, PhD

Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery

Research Interest: The impact of disease states upon the diaphragm.


Elizabeth Colvin

Administrative Associate

Phone:(650) 724-9286

Sofia Gonzales

SCIT Program Manager

Phone: (650) 724-9139

Ramzi Totah

IBIIS Program Manager



H. Christian Davidson, MS - Medical Informatics 1991-93
Thesis area:  Picture Archiving for Radiology

Smadar Shiffman, PhD - Medical Informatics 1992-99
Thesis area: Segmentation of Blood Vessels for CT Angiography

Philippe G. Lacroute, PhD - Electrical Engineering 1993-95
Thesis area: Fast Volume Rendering Using a Shear-Warp Factorization of the Viewing Transform (3rd reader)

Chye H. Yan, PhD - Electrical Engineering 1994-98
Thesis area: Serial Registration of CT Scans for Quantitative Applications

Shin Y. Yen, PhD - Electrical Engineering 1994-99
Thesis area: Resolution in Spiral CT and Volume Visualization of Medical Images

David Paik, PhD - Medical Informatics 1996-02
Thesis area: Virtual Colonoscopy — Visualization, Path Planning, CAD

Feng Zhuge, PhD - Electrical Engineering 1999-06
Thesis area: Quantification of structures in volumetric data

Burak Gokturk, PhD - Computer Science 1999-02
Thesis area: Shape Recognition with Application to Medical Imaging (2nd reader)

Burak Acar, Postdoc - Radiology 1999-02
Thesis project:   CAD of Colonic Polyps, Lung Nodules

Kenneth Wang, PhD - Mechanical Engineering 1999-01
Thesis area: Level Set Methods for Computational Prototyping with Applications to Hemodynamic Modeling (2nd reader)

Grant M. Stevens, PhD – Biophysics 1999-00
Thesis area: Volumetric Tomographic Imaging (2nd reader)

Raghav Raman, Postdoc – Radiology 1999-03
Thesis project: Vascular Visualization and Quantitation

Djamila Holmlund, MS - Visiting Student (Sweden) 2001-02
Masters thesis: A Study on Radiological Visual Inspections and a User Study Focused on Ergonomic Input Devices.

Ping Li, MS - Computer Science 2001-03
Thesis project: Virtual Colonoscopy Supine and Prone Matching, CAD

Padma Sundaram, PhD - Electrical Engineering 2001-07
Thesis area: Virtual Colonoscopy CAD

Michel Bilello, Postdoc - Computer Science/Radiology 2002-03
Project: CAD for Liver Lesions

Joyoni Dey, Postdoc – Radiology 2003-05
Project: Interventional Room of the Future; registration, Human-computer interaction

Markus Kukuk, Postdoc – Radiology 2003-08
Project: Advanced interventional visualization/registration

Rong (Cindy) Shi, Postdoc – Radiology 2003-07
Thesis project: Virtual Colonoscopy

Shaohua Sun, PhD - Electrical Engineering 2003-07
Thesis area: CAD lung and other cancer

Anthony Sherbondy, PhD - Electrical Engineering 2002-08
Thesis area:  Advanced Visualization, Segmentation, CAD

Tejas Rakshe, PhD - Electrical Engineering 2003-08
Thesis area: Vascular Visualization

Joong Ho Won, PhD - Electrical Engineering 2004-09
Thesis area:  Vascular Visualization

Bindi-Pankhudi, MS - Computer Science 2004-06

A. J. Jayant Joshi, MS - Computer Science 2004-06

David Olsen, PhD - School of Medicine 2006-07
Thesis area: Lung nodule simulation

Ushah K. K. Reddi, MS  - Computer Science 2006-08
Thesis area: Virtual colonoscopy

David Tran, MD - School of Medicine 2006-09
Thesis area: Vascular quantitation

Jiajing Xu, PhD - Electrical Engineering 2009-13
Thesis area:  Quantitative Imaging

Jessica Faruque, PhD - Electrical Engineering 2007-14
Thesis area:  Perception of Image Similarity, CBIR Systems

Sebastian Echegaray, PhD - Electrical Engineering 2013-17
Thesis area: Quantitative Imaging

Austin Ray, MS  -Computer Science 2015-16
Thesis Area: Machine Learning

Stephen Chu, MS - Computer Science 2015-16
Thesis Area: Quantitative Imaging

Huafei Wang, MS - Computer Science 2015-16
Thesis Area: Machine Learning

Sarah A. Mattonen, PhD - Radiologic & Medical Physics 2017-19

Akshay Jaggi, BS  - Computer Science 2016-19

Dev Gude - Research Software Developer; QIFP Project

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