We offer a diverse collection of high-value data sets and partner with several data sources around the world. 

PHS Data

Effective population health research requires rich and diverse data with opportunities for potential linkage and long-term follow-up. Stanford PHS offers access to a growing portfolio of population-level data to Stanford researchers and affiliates. These diverse data covering precision and representation of the population are a catalyst for transdisciplinary research and enable researchers to study a myriad of vital outcomes.

Data Portal

The Data Core at the Stanford Center for Population Health Sciences offers researchers 

  1. A central hub to efficiently access, link, visualize and analyze data from a wide variety of sources; and,
  2. A library of data assets to facilitate transdisciplinary population health science projects and collaboration.

Powered by Redivis, our Data Portal enables you to explore and learn about tools to manipulate millions of records. Once you have identified data of interest you will need to meet several requirements to ensure responsible use of sensitive data. You can read more about requirements in the access section of each dataset on the PHS Data Portal.

Getting started

On our Data Portal, you can apply for membership and access, explore datasets, and use the Redivis tool to acquire your analytical sample. After cutting your analytical sample and learning about the data, you will run your analyses on our secure PHS server or Nero. Please consult our PHS data docs resource to get started.

Data Requests

You can file a data request if you are interested in datasets we currently do not yet offer. Please use our Data Request Dashboard to submit.

New Data Spotlight

PHS now offers access to nine years of Medicaid data to Stanford researchers. This new dataset covers all medical claims covered by Medicaid in the United States and includes claims of more than 190 million distinct beneficiaries who were enrolled in the Medicaid program between 2011 and 2019. Learn more or contact for more information.

Contact us

We are happy to support your data questions and suggestions. You can contact us at

Getting help

We offer several sources of support.

PHS data docs

Read all about how working with PHS data from start to finish in this step-by-step guide, including more information about our systems and FAQs.

Slack user channel

Your second line of support is more interactive and great for quick questions that you can't resolve from the PHS data docs alone. You can also search the channels for your questions as it may have been asked before.

Office hours

Your third line of support is to schedule a meeting with us. We are happy to sit down with you for more complicated questions and issues that are best resolved in conversation.