Stanford Pediatric Fellowship Programs

Fellowship Programs at Stanford Children's Health are designed to provide outstanding training to prepare our fellows to excel as sub-specialty clinicians, researchers, teachers, advocates, and become leaders within the field of pediatrics. The Department of Pediatrics at Stanford University currently trains 134 fellows across 25 subspecialty training programs. 


The 2024 New Fellow Orientation will take place on Friday, July 5,  Monday, July  8, and  Tuesday, July 9. More details here.

The Department of Pediatrics Fellowship Program is excited to share the 2024-2025AY Fellow Curriculum & Events Calendar with the education community.

The Department of Pediatrics Core Curriculum is mapped to the ACGME and ABP requirements.

"Where appropriate, the core curriculum in scholarly activity should be a collaborative effort involving all of the pediatric subspecialty programs at the institution." ACGME Core Requirement IV.D.3.a)

In response to fellow feedback, the Fellowship Leadership Team has created an anonymous tool to report concerns. Pateint safety events should be reported in the iCare system.

Department Fellowship Program

  • Created in 2017 to prepare fellows to excel as sub-specialty clinicians, scholars, teachers, and advocates and become leaders within their fields.
  • Through a unique and innovative curriculum, we provide the skills needed to ensure fellows are outstanding candidates for positions after fellowship.
  • Our mission includes exceptional training and mentorship in basic, translational, clinical, and epidemiologic research to facilitate fellows' professional transition into academic faculty positions.
  • By providing centralized programming, including program leadership, and exposing fellows to a diverse and broad group of faculty facilitators, we are establishing a robust learning community and a rich professional network.

Fellowship Programs

Learn more about the various fellowship opportunities offered at the Stanford University School of Medicine Department of Pediatrics by following the links below to visit the Pediatric Division websites.

Why choose a fellowship with Stanford Pediatrics?

  • Opportunity to evaluate and treat common illnesses, as well as, manage patients with a variety of complex medical conditions 
  • Elective rotations allow for customization to meet career goals and professional needs 
  • Exposure to community and academic center medicine 
  • Opportunity to work in a collaborative system striving for innovation and improvement in all aspects of healthcare 
  • Through Stanford Pediatric's unique continuing education resources, pediatric fellows receive training in education and teaching methods, career planning, leadership development, research fundamentals, and quality improvement

Wednesday, June 5, 12:15-1:00pm

Fellows' Scholarship Club: Evidence-Based Medicine: Cohort Studies

CAM 460 & ZOOM ID: 948 0737 4984 

Wednesday, June 12, 12:00-1:00pm

Fellows' Career & Professional Development Series: Finding a Job A-Z

ZOOM ID: 922 3666 7721

Wednesday, June 12, 12:00-1:00pm

Pediatric Fellows' Council Meeting

Thursday, June 13

GME PD Meeting | 12:00-1:00pm 

GME PC Meeting | 1:00-2:00pm

Friday, June 14

Pediatric Fellowship Graduation

Center for Academic Medicine (CAM) Courtyard

Tuesday, June 18, 12:00-1:00pm

Pediatric Program Coordinators' Education Series

CAM 449 or ZOOM ID: 939 4475 2306

Thursday, June 20, 12:00-1:00pm

Fellowship Educators' Meeting: Annual Top Medical Education Articles of 2023-24AY

ZOOM ID: 910 7409 5474

Tuesday, June 25, 12:00-1:00pm

Pediatric Fellowship Community Lunch

Center for Academic Medicine (CAM) Courtyard

The Department of Pediatrics at Stanford School of Medicine promotes excellence in academic subspecialty training with an emphasis on producing academic leaders who generate the new knowledge required to provide the best care for infants, children, and adolescents. 

We provide exceptional training and mentorship in basic, translational, clinical, and epidemiologic research, medical education, academic leadership, and advocacy for pediatric health. Ensuring a scholarly work product during fellowship which serves to facilitate fellows' professional transition into academic faculty positions.

At Stanford Pediatrics we are proud to offer fellowship training programs in 24 subspecialties.  Learn more about each of our programs.