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Research Support Request

To request support for research activities, please fill out the Research Support Request Survey.  You will then be contacted with any questions or updates. 
If you have questions please email Dr. Anthony Anderson at

Statistical Support

  1. Visit the Data Studio webpage to access the consultation request form.
        Members of the School of Medicine can request assistance from SPECTRUM-subsidized services housed within BDS.
    1. Due to the subsidy, these services are free to investigators but are limited in scope.
    2. Within Biomedical Data Sciences, Data Studio program offers three types of consultations subsidized by SPECTRUM. The consultants include both BDS faculty and staff.
      John S. Tamaresis coordinates all of these consultations.
      1.  office hour (20–30 minutes with a group of consultants)
      2. short-term (1—4 hours with one consultant)
      3.  workshop (1.5 hours with a group of consultants
  2. The Quantitative Sciences Unit (QSU) hosts a forum to discuss research methods in medicine held on the first Tuesday of every month.  This seminar series is tailored to clinical investigators interested in research methods.

    The Research Methods Seminar is an interactive and informal journal club-type format where topical papers in medical research, particularly relevant to faculty in the Department of Medicine, are discussed with an emphasis on the methods and/or study design.

    QSU Research Methods Seminar
    Location: 1701 Page Mill, Palo Alto CA 94304
    Time: 4-5pm first Tuesday of the month (unless otherwise noted)

  3. MCHRI QSU Biostatistics Consultations 
    1-hr sessions by appointment between 10:00am-6:00pm

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