• Schneider on disease and data sculptures

    Many infectious diseases, including malaria, are marked by cyclical ups and downs. David Schneider takes a creative approach to making sense of those ups and downs.

  • Graduating med students meet their matches

    Stanford medical students gathered together on Match Day to find out where they would serve their residencies for the next three or more years.

  • Using cellphones to track mosquitoes

    A simple recording of a mosquito’s buzz on a cellphone could contribute to a global-scale mosquito tracking map of unprecedented detail.

  • Video wins top award

    The film, which depicts a young neurosurgeon contemplating his impending death, received a Gold Award from the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education.

  • Gamers to help design TB test

    A new version of the Eterna video game could allow citizen scientists to design a molecule that would simplify the widespread use of a new TB test.

  • Harry Oberhelman dies at 92

    Oberhelman, who trained more than 160 surgical residents and served as chief of general surgery for decades, died Feb. 10.