Clinical Trials

  •  2011-2013 Phase 1 Rindopepimut after Conventional Radiation in Children with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Gliomas. Sub-Investigator
  • 2011-2014 Phase 3 Study of Rindopepimut in Patients with Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma (ACT IV). Sub-Investigator
  • 2012-2015 A Phase II Study of Rindopepimut/GM-CSF in Patients with Relapsed EGFRvIII-Positive Glioblastoma. Site Principal Investigator
  • 2013-2016 Comparison of Overall Survival Post-CyberKnife Radiosurgery Treatment of Patients with 1-3 Versus 4 or More Brain Metastases. Co-Investigator
  • 2013-present MISTIE III A Phase III, Randomized, Open-Label, 500-Subject Clinical Trial of Minimally Invasive Surgery plus rt-PA in the Treatment of Intracerebral Hemorrhage. Sub-Investigator
  • 2015-2016 A Phase 2 Randomized Trial Comparing the Efficacy of Heat Shock Protein-Peptide Complex-96 (HSPPC-96) Vaccine Given with Bevacizumab versus Bevacizumab Alone in the Treatment of Surgically Resectable Recurrent Glioblastoma Multiforme. Site Co-Principal Investigator
  • 2015-2016 A Phase I Study of Ad-RTS-hIL-12, an Inducible Adenoviral Vector Engineered to Express hIL-12 in the Presence of the Activator Ligand Veledimex in Subjects with Recurrent or Progressive Glioblastoma or Grade III Malignant Glioma. Co-Principal Investigator
  • 2015 Phase I/II Study of Fractionated Stereotactic Radiosurgery to Treat Large Brain Metastases. Sub-Investigator.
  • 2016 – current Phase 2/3 Randomized Study of Toca 511 and Toca FC Versus SOC in Subjects Undergoing Surgery for Recurrent GBM/AA. Co-Investigator
  • 2016 – 2018 current Open-Label Study Evaluating Cetuximab-IRDye800 as an Optical Imaging Agent to Detect Neoplasm During Neurosurgical Procedures. Principal Investigator
  • 2018 current Panitumumab-IRDye800 in Diagnosing Participants With Malignant Glioma Undergoing Surgery. Principal Investigator

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