Questions about MyHeart Counts

If you have questions about the consent process or the MyHeart Counts research study before or after you sign up, please phone 650-721-3944 or email us at

Feedback about MyHeart Counts

The MyHeart Counts study has developed and implemented phone-based research tools for studying cardiovascular health as part of Apple's ResearchKit program. We want to develop the best ResearchKit tools for the research community. We value input from both participants and researchers on how to make these research tools better. Please provide your feedback by emailing us at and put “feedback” in the subject line.

Technical Issues we are addressing

New version of MyHeart Counts App now available for download at the App Store

Thank you all for making your heart count!

We are reviewing your important feedback and want you to know that we are diligently working to fix the bugs/issues you have brought to our attention. We plan to have these issues resolved as soon as possible.

If you have questions or problems not listed below, please email us at

In the mean time take a look at some common questions we have received:

Specific issues we are addressing:

- Filling in DOB (we are working on, sometimes changing the birth year first can help)
- Filling in Height (working to allow all heights to be entered correctly)
- Activity tracking issues (there can be a delay getting activity from HealthKit into the MyHeart Counts App, which we are working on)
- Last diet question (we will add a “none of above” option)

What does error 400 mean?

Unfortunately this implies that there was a disruption in your Wifi/internet connection when you sent the request to our server. We know this is frustrating but we would appreciate if you would keep trying.

I am not able to verify my email?

First, make sure the email address that you entered was correct. You should then check your email SPAM folder. If you do find the email in the SPAM folder you will need to mark it as Not Spam so that you directly receive future emails from the application.

Which iPhone/iPad versions are compatible with the MyHeart Counts App?

The study is designed for the iPhone 5s, 6, 6 Plus and iOS8 or later. These have the special motion chip that can quantify your activity without draining your battery. The App Store does allow downloading the MyHeart Counts app onto other Apple devices running iOS 8. Some but not all functions of the MyHeart Counts study may still work, so we understand either way if you choose to continue to participate or not.

How do I do a 6-minute walk test?

The MyHeart Counts app asks you to complete the Physical Activity Readiness questionnaire to advise you about talking with your doctor before assessing fitness. The MyHeart Counts app will instruct you to walk outside with your iPhone as far as you can in 6 minutes while it calculates the distance, and then rest. That is all that is required for this test. If you have a heart-rate monitor linked to your iPhone, that data is collected during the test.

Signing the consent form, do I need to print and email to you?

Please read the study consent form in the MyHeart Counts app and if you agree to participate indicate that by tapping the “Agree” button. Once your email is verified, the app will send a copy of the consent form to you and to our team automatically. Therefore you DO NOT need to print out the consent, sign it, scan it and email back to us. Our team has strived to make this process as seamless as possible, as we know your time is valuable. We are looking to make this even clearer.

MyHeart Counts Technical Support

Thank you for contacting the MyHeart Counts technical support team.  Tell us about your technical issue in the form below.  Please remember that in order to maintain your privacy do not enter any personal health information in this form. We look forward to helping you with the MyHeart Counts App.

In case we need to contact you
Please do not enter any personal health information in this form

For general information regarding questions, concerns, or complaints about research, research related injury, or the rights of research participants, please call (650) 723-5244 or toll-free 1-866-680-2906, or write to the Administrative Panel on Human Subjects in Medical Research, Administrative Panels Office, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305-5401.