Why MyHeart Counts


Join our global cardiovascular research study today.
Help us learn how to combat heart disease and stroke—the world’s #1 killer.

Download the app today.  Let’s see how active you are and how healthy your heart is!
You will learn about your risk for heart disease and stroke and what you can do to help keep your heart healthy.

Easy. Secure. Free. 


Who can participate?


The study is open to adults 18 years and over with an iPhone 5s or newer. 
The initial version is in English and open only to residents of the United States.

Learn more about the study 


How do I begin?


1. Download the app. Learn about the study. Review consent information.

2. Start following your daily activity with your phone or wearable activity device.

3. Do a walk test and enter labs to see your heart risk. Learn how to improve your heart health.


What happens to my data?


1. The study will gather sensor and health data directly from your phone. Read our privacy policy.

2. Your data will be sent to a secure database, where your name will be replaced with a random code.

3. Your coded and encrypted data is combined with lots of other data on a secure server—and then used for research.

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