Cancer Molecular Imaging Chemistry Laboratory (CMICL)

The overall objective of this laboratory is to develop novel molecular imaging probes and techniques for non-invasive detection of cancer and its metastasis at the earliest stage, so that cancer can be cured or transformed into a chronic, manageable disease. The techniques developed in my research will allow a close examination of the molecular, metabolic and physiological characteristics of cancers and their responses to therapy. In order to achieve this goal, my lab is aimed to identify novel cancer biomarkers with significant clinical relevance, develop new chemistry for probes preparation, and validate new strategies for probes high-throughput screening.

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Principal Investigator

Zhen Cheng, PhD
Assistant Professor, Radiology

Lab Members

Kai Cheng, PhD

Xiang Hu, MD

Jinbo Li

Hongguang (Simon) Liu

Yang Liu

Shuxian Meng, MD, PhD

Chunxia Qin, MD

Patricia Riley

Xinhui Su, MD, PhD

Xiaolin Wang, PhD

Yingding (Bryan) Xu, PhD

Meng Yang

Xiaohua Zhu, MD, PhD

Previous Lab Members

Qizhen Cao, PhD

Edwin Chang, PhD

Han Jiang, MD, PhD

Gang (Tiger) Ren, PhD

Patrick (James) Wedgeworth

Ping Zhao, MD, PhD

Lihong (Lily) Bu

Luxi Chen

Kai Chen, PhD

Jinhao Gao, PhD

Xiaoxiao He, PhD

Susan Hoppmann, PhD

Jing Huang

Eue-Soon Jang, PhD

Lei Jiang

Shuanglong (Scott) Liu, PhD

Zhe Liu

Ermelinda Lucente, MD

Zheng Miao, PhD

Shibo Qi

James T Wang

Jiandong Wang

Yihong Wang, PhD

Shining Wu

Song Wu, PhD

Angela Zhang

Xiao-Fen (Pheny) Zhang