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2021 Annual Report: Meeting the Moment

When 2020 dealt a pandemic, our team launched a specialized clinic, set up fundraisers and began clinical trials. But the work didn't end there. Some students and faculty developed a novel way to model COVID infection, while others studied disease patterns, projections and more. Our 2021 Annual Report, "Meeting the Moment", offers a deeper look at the groundbreaking work we've done over the past year.

  • My Summer in Pictures

    Stanford HBMC visiting medical student Anastasia Abongnelah reflects on her summer on Stanford campus and the Bay Area through pictures.

  • Bob Harrington Opens Season 2 of Healthcare Leadership Podcast

    Department of Medicine Chair Bob Harrington, MD, leads host VJ Periyakoil on a revealing tour of his early life and medical education, his philosophies on leadership and mentorship, and the importance of personal stories for human connection.

  • PA Day 2022

    The DoM celebrates the fifth anniversary of its Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies program with this story, highlighting the personal and professional achievements of participants and leadership.

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October 5: Frail America : Life in the Fourth Age

 8 a.m. - 9 a.m.

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“I want to leverage my position to help with the health care disparities facing our patients

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Our residency program offers broad clinical experience across the San Francisco Bay Area, supportive teaching faculty who are leaders in their fields, research opportunities, and top-ranked fellowship and career placement.


From collaboration with Silicon Valley companies to the opportunity to treat diverse patient populations, our fellowships offer outstanding training.

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