Our Research

Our goal is to develop more effective immunotherapies to treat lymphoma by studying the interaction between the immune system and lymphoma.  Our immune systems can recognize and eradicate lymphoma cells.  A major focus of our work is to understand the clues used by the immune system to identify harmful lymphoma cells and why it fails in people who develop lymphoma.  We incorporate genomic, transcriptomic, and proteomic analsyses from individual patients with functional immune assays to develop new personalized treatment strategies.  We have a special interest in exploring the effects of immune based therapies on T-cell lymphomas, a group of particularly challenging lymphomas that can react to immunotherapies in unpredictable ways.


How to support Lymphoma research in the Khodadoust Lab

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  5. Under special instructions, specify "For lymphoma research under the direction of Michael Khodadoust"