Outdoor Health Pavilion

Our in-person Health Pavilion featured interactive and fun science-based resources for lifelong wellness, including yoga and exercise activities, a cooking demonstration, and health and wellness resources. See highlights from Health Matters 2022 below.


  •     • Healthy cooking tips and demo
  •     • Nutrition consultations
  •     • Meditation, yoga, and wellness activities
  •     • Health and disease-prevention resources

Cooking Demo: Frittata and Salad
Download the recipe here.

Ask a Nutritionist
Visit Stanford Health Care Clinical Nutrition Services for help with nutrition screenings, assessments, interventions, and counseling.

Stanford Lifestyle Medicine
Stanford Medicine experts in exercise, nutrition, sleep, and cognitive health provide one-on-one assessments to improve overall health and well-being.

Explore guided meditations, movement, and mindfulness that you can practice at home.

Stanford Pain Management Center
Learn about new treatments for modulating pain.

Pet Assisted Wellness at Stanford (PAWS)
Stanford’s therapy dogs help patients during a stay in the hospital.

Social Work and Case Management
Stanford social workers and case managers provide valuable tips on navigating your health care.

Stanford Blood Center
Learn about the importance of blood donation and sign up to become a donor!

Injury and Fall Prevention
Stanford’s Farewell to Falls program is helping older adults reduce falls.

Patient and Family Partner Program
Patients and caregivers are transforming the care experience at Stanford Health Care by providing their insights and recommendations through our advisory councils.

Explore Mediation
Heartfulness relaxation and meditation techniques are effective in reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, enhancing emotional intelligence, and exploring the heights and depths of human consciousness.

Understanding Your Health: Health Education & Resources (HEEP)
Stanford’s team of experts can help you understand your needs and connect you to programs and services such as classes and lectures, support groups, books, and community groups. Resources include:

Center for Asian Health Research and Education (CARE)
Learn how CARE seeks to improve the health of Asians through knowledge, education, and  impactful clinical care.

Our Voice: Citizen Science for Health Equity
Learn how community members can gather local information with a mobile app—and then use their findings to help build healthier communities.