Our Commitment

In accordance with its mission, Stanford University Medical Center is dedicated to pursuing the highest quality of patient care and graduate medical education. Stanford University Medical Center recognizes as one of its major responsibilities the provision of organized educational programs. This responsibility includes guidance and supervision of the resident while facilitating the resident’s professional and personal development and ensuring safe and appropriate care for patients.

In fulfilling these responsibilities, the administrations, Hospital Boards, and faculty of Stanford University School of Medicine are committed to supporting quality graduate medical education programs and excellence in residency training and research. Furthermore, Stanford University Medical Center commits itself to providing adequate funding of graduate medical education to ensure support of its faculty, residents, ancillary staff, facilities, and educational resources to achieve this important mission. Finally, Stanford University Medical Center will ensure that all of its graduate medical education programs meet or exceed the Institutional and Program Requirements promulgated by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.

Stanford University Medical Center currently sponsors over 123 residency/fellowship programs approved by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education with over 1,300 enrolled interns, residents, and fellows.