An NCI-funded Tumor Glycome Laboratory

Our laboratory is one of the seven NCI-funded Tumor Glycome Laboratories, the principal component of the new trans-NIH Alliance of Glycobiologists for Detection of Cancer and Cancer Risk.
Our research team is formed by investigators who have established research track records in high-throughput platforms of carbohydrate microarrays, neoglycolipid (NGL) technology coupled with mass spectrometry for carbohydrate ligand discovery, flow cytometry (Hi-D FACS) for highly sensitive detection of cell and serum markers, and the first international standard for detection of serum prostate-specific antigen (PSA).
The thrust of our research team is identification and characterization of carbohydrate-based immunological markers of human cancers, as well as development of highly sensitive assays for clinical and research applications. Our current research focus is glycan markers of prostate cancers and anti-glycan autoantibody signatures in prostate cancer patients. Our investigators are assembled as four basic components and function as a team in pursuing these goals. Key personnel of each component are listed below:

Director: Denong Wang, MD, PhD

Biomarker Discovery Component

Carbohydrate Analytical Component

  • Ten Feizi (Co-investigator, Collaborating group at Imperial College London)

Clinical Specimen Component

  • Donna Peehl (Co-investigator, Urology, Stanford University)

Statistical Support Component

  • Philip W. Lavori (Co-investigator, Health Research and Policy - Biostatistics, Stanford University)
  • Marc A. Coram (Collaborator, Health Research and Policy - Biostatistics, Stanford University)

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