Mechanisms of DNA double-stranded break repair and Chromosomal Translocation

The Frock lab studies the genome-wide fate of various forms of double-stranded DNA breaks (DSBs). Projects in the lab use a combination of genetics, molecular biology, next generation sequencing, and bioinformatics to uncover DSB mechanisms and to reveal a deeper understanding of DSB repair processes.

The long term goal of the Frock lab is to develop novel cancer diagnostics/therapeutics and genome editing approaches.

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Latest News

  • Congratulations to Richard Frock who received a Research Scholar Grant from the American Cancer Society (ACS) for his project “Novel regulators of DNA repair and recombination.” Grant funding was highly competitive this year, with ACS only accepting 13% of submitted proposals compared to nearly 25% from last year. Congratulations, Dr. Frock!
  • Welcome to Anita Taft, Cheyenne Ali Sadeghi and Jodie Meng, Undergraduate Interns to the Frock Lab - July 2021
  • Welcome Carlos Origel, Postdoctoral Scholar to the Frock Lab - March 2020
  • Welcome Jinglong Wang, Postdoctoral Scholar to the Frock Lab - January 2020
  • Congratulations to Dr. Frock for becoming a V Scholar from the V Foundation for Cancer Research! - Nov 2019
  • Welcome Marie Le Bouteiller, Postdoctoral Scholar to the Frock Lab- September  2019
  • Welcome Paul Barghouth, Postdoctoral Scholar to the Frock Lab- June  2019
  • Welcome Finn Maniscalco, Summer Intern to the Frock Lab- June to August 2019
  • Congratulations to Dr. Frock for receiving the Career Development Award from the Radiation Research Foundation! - April 2019