The Diversity Center of Representation and Empowerment, or D-CORE, provides a space where any member of the Stanford Medicine community interested in issues of inclusion and diversity can hold meetings or just hang out and study.

Vision for D-CORE

The Stanford SOM Diversity Center of Representation and Empowerment (D-CORE), established in a visible location on campus to highlight the importance of its existence, will demonstrate that supporting trainees of underrepresented backgrounds is a priority to the SOM. All medical and graduate trainee groups serving the needs of underrepresented minorities will share ownership of the community center, and the space will be open to all trainees in the SOM community. This will be a physical space for community members who want and need to celebrate their identity and serves to connect trainees, build community, and reduce isolation. We envision this space will be an environment that appreciates the multicultural aspects of identity, fosters inclusion, and provides cultural, social, and educational experiences through conversation. We envision this space will be staffed by personnel with a demonstrated commitment to supporting the diverse student population at our institution. In addition, trainees at all levels will have access to this space during business hours.

D-CORE Racial Justice Library

The ADVANCE Summer Institute and Lane Library are pleased to announce a new Racial Justice Library installation to the D-CORE, now available online or via curbside pickup. Enjoy reading, and be on the lookout for an upcoming opportunity to engage with this book collection during Feb 2021! 

This collection of 140 books, 64 of which have been made available online through Stanford Libraries, were purchased from Marcus Books in Oakland. This collection consists of both fiction and nonfiction works by and for Black people, Indigenous people, and people of color (BIPOC). 

You can find a comprehensive list of all the works in this collection with online access links here, and you can schedule a curbside pickup from Lane Library here. Additionally, you can find this list inventoried through the Lane Library website by searching “DCORE”, another route to digital access and curbside pickup. We are happy to take suggestions for additional works desired here


D-CORE office hours

Reach out to individuals via email about alternative office hours given the Bay Area "shelter in place" restrictions. Links for ongoing virtual office hours for some individuals are included below.

Special Note for School of Medicine students: CAPS Connects with a provider from the Vaden Health Center, by appointment only is on pause.

The School of Medicine Mental Health Team, led by Dr. Moira Kessler, will be holding appointments at the D-CORE by appointment only during the following times. To make an appointment with the team, log into the Vaden Patient Portal:  https://vaden.stanford.edu/make-appointment. These sessions are listed under “School of Medicine drop-in sessions.”

Mondays, 10:30am - 6:30pm
Wednesdays, 2pm - 6:30pm
Fridays, 12pm - 4pm

MSPA Program

Karr Hernandez, Student Life Officer, 2nd and 4th Monday,    12pm - 2pm (on pause)

Miranda Zinsman, Associate Director of Administration, 3rd Monday, 11:30am - 1:30pm (on pause)

Ears for Peers

Every Tuesday, 8am - 9am

Biosciences Diversity Programs

Miranda Stratton, Assistant Director, 1st and 3rd Tuesday, 2pm - 4pm  
Sign up for virtual office hours

Jennifer R. Cohen, Ph.D., Associate Director and ADVANCE Director, every 1st and 3rd Wednesday, 9am - 11am
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Bioscience Student Life & Wellness

Shelly Rasnick, Associate Director, 2nd Tuesday, 2pm - 4pm
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Medical Student Wellness

Margaret Govea, Director, (on pause)
Contact govea@stanford.edu

Office of Medical Student Affairs

Mijiza Sanchez-Guzman, Associate Dean (on pause)

Biosciences Grant Writing Academy

Deb Karhson, Ph.D., Assistant Director,  every 2nd and 4th Wednesday, 9am - 10am Sign up for virtual office hours
Learn more about the resources offered through the Biosciences Grant Writing Academy

Graduate Education & Diversity

Ayodele Thomas, Associate Dean, 1st Thursday, 9am - 10am

Office of Sexual Assault & Relationship Abuse Education and Response (SARA)

Nadia Kalley, Education and Outreach Specialist, 1st and 3rd Thursday, 12pm - 2pm. Download the flyer to advertise the office hours for your office or department
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Biosciences Wellness Matters

Diversity center for med school opens in Lane Library

When Tawaun Lucas began his graduate studies in 2014 at the School of Medicine, he said he wished there had been a place where he and other minority students could congregate in times of need for support, a physical space for companionship and comfort.

Dean Lloyd Minor shakes hands with Tawaun Lucas at the Oct. 2 opening of the medical school's Diversity Center of Representation and Empowerment.
Steve Fisch

Event Highlight: 2020 Open House

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Reserve the D-CORE space

The D-CORE space is open for events around diversity, equity, and inclusion from group meetings to celebrations. The D-CORE is located in Lane Library and is open during Lane Library hours. After-hour events are possible with advanced notice. Download a flyer to advertise the D-CORE for events in your department or office. Read more about the functionality of the space in the D-CORE Usage Policy Guide.

D-CORE founders

Tawaun Lucas – Neurosciences PhD Candidate

Shanique Martin – Medical Student

Osama Mohamed El-Gabalawy – Medical Student

Dorothy Tovar – Microbiology and Immunology PhD Candidate

Gabriel Washington – Medical Student