CVI researchers to leverage the nation’s largest biobank

CVI researchers Phil Tsao, PhD, and Tim Assimes, MD, PhD, as well as Stanford faculty, Hua Tang, PhD, and Jennifer Lee, MD, PhDhave been awarded one of the first grants from the Veteran Administration to study the genetics of cardiometabolic diseases as part of the VA's Million Veteran Program (MVP). MVP is currently the nation’s largest biobank having enrolled over 390,000 veterans.  The consortium, which includes investigators from five VA hospitals (Palo Alto, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Bedford, and Albany) as well as the University of Pennsylvania, will establish an analytic pipeline to link clinical data from the VA electronic health records to genome wide genetic data generated in the first 200,000 MVP participants including large numbers of understudied African American and Hispanic veterans. 

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Philip S. Tsao

Themistocles (Tim) Assimes