Travel & Exchange Ideas Award Winners

August 2015

Miguel Alcazar, MD, PhD

PI Mentor:
Richard Bland, MD

Elafin Preserves a Novel EGF Receptor-Kruppel-Like Factor 4 (EGFR-Klf4) Axis and Attenuates Apoptosis in Lungs of Mechanically Ventilated Newborn Mice

ATS 2015, Mini-Symposium

Yang Du, PhD

PI Mentor:
Brian Kobilka, MD, PhD

Structural and functional studies on β2 AR phosphorylation by GRK5

GPCR workshop

Ivan Carcamo-Oribe, PhD

PI Mentor:
Josh Knowles, MD

Multi-clonal large scale RNAseq analysis to define IPSC Variability

International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR), Stockholm (Sweden)

Alex Chang, PhD

PI Mentor:
Helen Blau, PhD

Telomere and mitochondrial dysfunction in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

AHA BCVS; 2015

Kazuki Kodo, MD, PhD

PI Mentor:
Joseph C. Wu, MD PhD

Aberrant TGFβ signaling as an etiology of left ventricular noncompaction cardiomyopathy

BCVS 2015

Petra Mamic, MD

PI Mentor:
Paul Heidenreich, MD

Heart failure patients hospitalized with bacterial infections: a U.S. nationwide analysis of concomitant clostridium difficile infection rates and in hospital mortality

European Society of Cardiology Congress: August 29, 2015

Hossein Bahrami, MD, PhD, MPH

PI Mentor:
Michael McConnell, MD

Inflammatory Markers Associated with Subclinical Coronary Artery Disease in HIV Infected Patients: The Multi-Center AIDS Cohort Study

ACC Scientific Sessions 

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