2013 CVI Seed Grants Recipients

The CVI and CHRI are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2013 CVI Seed Grants

Gerald Berry, MD
Curt Scharfe, MD

Collaborators: Kitchener Wilson, MD; Justin Odegaard, MD

A clinical-grade next generation sequencing assay for targeting DNA mutations in inherited non-syndromic cardiomyopathies

This Research is Funded by the CHRI

Alex Dunn, PhD

Collaborators: Gerald Fuller, PhD; Lorelei Shoemaker; Steven Chang, MD

Endothelial cell fate specification in response to fluid flow

Susan Fernandes, LPD

Collaborators: George Lui, MD

Risk factors for acquired cardiovascular disease in adults with congenital heart disease

This Research is Funded by the CHRI

Jason Lee, MD
Apurva Mehta
Drew Nelson, PhD

A Novel Approach for Studying the Mechanical Behavior of Atherosclerotic Plaque

Nick Leeper, MD

Collaborator: Andrew Connolly, MD, PhD

The paradoxical role of Cdkn2b in vessel sprouting and vessel maturation in athersosclerosis

Daria Mochly-Rosen, PhD

Collaborators: Daniel Bernstein, MD; Tobias Meyer, PhD

Identifying the master integrator of cardiac cell-fate decision

This Research is Funded by the CHRI

Beth Pruitt, PhD
Sean Wu, MD, PhD

Collaborators: Euan Ashley, MRCP, MD; Daniel Bernstein, MD; Alex Dunn, PhD; Kathy Ruppel, MD, PhD; James Spudich, PhD

Genetic tracking and functional assessment of atrial- and ventricular-specific cardiomyoctyes from induced pluripotent stem cells

Sandra Tsai, MD, MPH

Collaborators: Jennifer Tremmel, MD; Wes Alles, PhD; Katharine Sears, PhD

Randomized control trial to improve cardiovascular health in postpartum women diagnosed with preeclampsia