2007 CVI Seed Grants Recipients

Stanford Cardiovascular Institute Accelerates Novel Interdisciplinary Research with 2007 Seed Grants

Feb 2007 - Stanford Cardiovsacular Institute awarded $200,000 in five seed grants to exciting new interdisciplinary collaborations of CVI members.

"With relatively small amounts ($40,000 each) CVI seed grants are an effective way to accelerate our progress toward achieving the Institute goal: to improve diagnosis, treatment, prevention and ultimately to eliminate heart and vessel disease," said Dr. Robbins. The projects and prinicipal investigators follow:

Marlene Rabinovitch, MD, et al. Vascular Diseases group

Restoration of vascular health through reversing aging and building new vessels. 

Euan Ashley, MRCP, DPhil, et al.
Heart Failure/Transplantation group

High Throughput Mutation Detection in Familial Cardiomyopathy

Don Schreiber, MD, et al.
Coronary Artery Diseases group

Risk Stratification of Emergency Department Patients with Chest Pain and Suspected Acute Coronary Syndrome using 64 Detector Row Computed Tomography 

Alan Yeung, MD, et al.
Women’s Cardiovascular Health

Sex Differences in Those Presenting with Chest Pain but Having “Normal” Coronary Arteries: An Evaluation of Coronary Plaque Distribution, Endothelial Function, and the Microcirculation

David Rosenthal, MD, et al.
Congenital Heart Disease

Evaluation of Ischemia in Patients with Congenital Heart Disease:  A Possible Mechanism for Cardiac Dysfunction