Funding Opportunities

For more information about funding opportunities or grant support for CVI members, please email our Office of Research Development.

Our goal is to ignite innovative cardiovascular research projects that contributes to basic or clinical understanding of cardiovascular diseases. We encourage projects that initiate new interdisciplinary collaborations, work in areas of pediatric and obstetric related research, development of new methods or technology for heart and vascular biology, and research projects on sudden cardiac death.

The Cardiovascular Institute encourages and supports the travel of eligible researchers to conferences dedicated to cardiovascular research. This award covers $750 of travel expenses and requires presentation of research posters at Cardiovascular related research conferences.

Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in the world. The Boring Trust Research Award is meant to support Stanford medical students excited about research solutions that impact how we treat and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

The annual Stanford Cardiovascular Institute (CVI) Recognition Award recognizes faculty members who continuously strive to improve the Institute’s culture and community.

Current MSPA students with capstones in cardiovascular medicine are encouraged to apply to this scholarship. Recipients receive awards of up to $2500, which is intended to be used towards scholarly work in cardiovascular medicine.

Each Winter, the Cardiovascular Institute awards authors of outstanding manuscripts published in the previous year.  

CVI provides training and mentoring to support postdoctoral fellows and instructors applying to independent NIH awards.