Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering Symposium at Stanford

Prize Winners

Congratulations to three talented fellows for receiving the
Tissue Engineering Research Prize!

1st Place: Mingtao Zhao

Effect of Donor Cell Source on Human iPSC-based Cell Therapy

by Ming-Tao Zhao, Shijun Hu, Rajini Srinivasan, Fereshteh Jahaniani, Ning-Yi Shao, David Knowles, Won Hee Lee, Tomek Swigut, Joanna Wysocka, Michael P. Snyder and Joseph C. Wu

2nd Place: Sally Kim

Single-Cell Stethoscopes for Functional Analysis of Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes

by Sally A. Kim, Catherine Jan, John Huguenard, Olav Solgaard, Nicholas Melosh. Neurology & Neurological Sciences and Electrical Engineering, at Stanford University

3rd Place: Haodi Wu

Epigenetic modifications of phosphodiesterase contribute to compromised -adrenergic signaling during the pathogenesis of DCM-specific iPSC-derived cardiomyocyte 

by Haodi Wu, Jaecheol Lee, Mingxia Gu, Feng Lan, Jared Churko, Karim Sallam, Elena Matsa, Arun Sharma, Joseph D. Gold, Donald M. Bers, Joseph C. Wu.