CVI Summer Research Program

For Undergraduate and MD Students

Our 10-week Stanford Cardiovascular Institute (CV) Summer Research Program is designed to provide meaningful research experiences to a diverse cohort of undergraduate and medical students from across the country in the field of cardiovascular science. Our long-term goal is to bolster a diverse pool of scientists and physician-scientists, and expose them to the landscape of 21st century translational research and medicine. A primary goal of our program is to increase diversity in cardiovascular research and medicine.

The CVI Summer Research Program provides both research and training. 80% of trainee time is devoted to a cardiovascular or pulmonary research project in the lab of a Stanford faculty mentor. Specific research domains our faculty specialize in include precision medicine, cardiothoracic surgery, health disparities, pulmonary research, heart failure, rhythm disorders, and clinical trials. We also provide a dedicated curriculum to ensure trainees learn about these topics and more from leaders in cardiovascular and pulmonary science and medicine. The remaining 20% of students' time is spent in a comprehensive curriculum consisting of scientific seminars, career development workshops, social and networking opportunities, and personal development sessions. Students also have the opportunity to participate in MAvERICS (Metascience Analyses and Explorations of Reproducibility In Cardiovascular Science) where, as part of a collaboration between CVI and SPORR, small teams of summer students work under the guidance of a CVI early career scientist to conduct a metascience study in the field of cardiovascular research. Our program provides exceptional research training and strives to be an inclusive opportunity for individuals with diverse backgrounds, outlooks, and career goals.

The CVI Summer Research Program at Stanford is supported by the American Heart Association, The National Institutes of Health, and the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute. We will be offering a stipend between $5,000 and $8,000 depending on the specific funding source and whether participation is virtual or in-person. Housing is not provided.

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Research into the effectiveness of our program, shows that students from underrepresented populations performing cardiovascular research report significant gains in scientific proficiency. Please refer the full article.

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