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Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery

Mailing Address:

Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Falk Building
870 Quarry Rd Extension
Palo Alto, CA 94304

General Information: (650) 723-5771

Division of Adult Cardiac Surgery


Cardiac Surgery Coordinators
Phone: 650-724-7500
Fax: 650-736-0901

Lead Cardiothoracic Surgery Liaisons
Roberto Vargas
Maria Caimol

Adult Cardiac Division General Information

(650) 723-5771

Research or Clinical Trials

Tiffany Flores
Clinical Research Manager

Division of Thoracic Surgery

Appointments / Thoracic Surgery Clinic Scheduling

Steven Salazar
New Patient Coordinator
(650) 498-6000

Thoracic Surgery Division General Information

Donna Yoshida
Administrative Associate
(650) 721-2086

Cliff David
Administrative Associate 
(650) 721-6400

Research or Clinical Trials

Cheyenne Sadeghi
Clinic Research Coordinator
(650) 736-4112

Office of Drs. Joseph Shrager & Mark Berry

Donna Yoshida
Administrative Associate
(650) 721-2086

Offices of Drs. Leah Backhus, Natalie Lui, and Doug Liou

Cliff David
Administrative Associate
(650) 721-6400

Division of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

Clinical / Patient Care Contacts

Marlene Charles
Staff Supervisor & Clinical Coordinator
Phone: (650) 724-2925

Debbie Parsons
New Patient Coordinator
Phone: (650) 724-2550

Research Contact

R. Kirk Riemer, PhD
Research Lab Director
(650) 723-8958
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Directions & Map

The Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery is located in the Falk Building located behind the hospital on the Stanford campus in Palo Alto, California. San Francisco is to the north, and San Jose is to the south. Two main north-south freeways link us to San Francisco, San Jose, and their airports: US Highway 101 and Interstate 280. Shuttle and bus service to Stanford is available from nearby airports. A commuter rail line, Caltrain, also connects the Peninsula. Stanford's free Marguerite Shuttle connects with Caltrain and downtown Palo Alto.

The map below shows the location of both the Falk Building and the Visitor Parking Structure that is most accessible to Falk (the Falk Building does not have its own visitor parking). Parking fees are listed below.

More information on Stanford Hospital parking.

It's best to map your route to the Visitor Parking Structure, then walk or take the free shuttle to the main entrance to the hospital.

Enter the hospital, turn left, then make a right through the cafeteria seating area. Once outside of the seating area, there’s a hallway that goes left.

Walk down this hallway, past the Emergency Room, all the way to the end, and you will find several doors to your right that lead outside. Go through these doors. (Note: These doors will lock behind you, so if you need to go back this way, have someone from the Falk building use their security card to let you back in.)

Make a left on the path, then the first right into the Falk Building.

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Falk Cardiovascular Research Building

Quarry Road Extension
Palo Alto, CA 94304
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Parking Information

The underground paid visitor and patient parking garage is located in front of Stanford Hospital on Pasteur Drive (see map above).

Parking Rates

First hour  -  Free
Each additional hour or fraction thereof  -  $1
Daily maximum - $12

More information on Stanford Hospital parking.