Physical Education and Kinesiology


We educate, motivate and support Stanford students to live a healthy, active lifestyle.  We encourage the development of an embodied practice in all aspects of wellness. 


Our goal is to provide undergraduate and graduate students with opportunities to learn new skills and concepts through a variety of non-competitive lifelong physical activity courses such as fitness, weight training, aquatics, racquet sports, golf, horsemanship, etc. These courses are tailored to help students learn and develop their physical fitness and motor skills, as well as create a positive attitude toward well-being and physical activity which enables students to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

Being active, relieving stress, creating socially interactive environments and having fun are a few of the objectives we have for our Physical Education program.

Learning Outcomes

Stanford Physical Education offers courses that are applicable to a variety of environments and experiences across campus and in life and pair well with academic and group work.  Common learning outcomes among Stanford's physical education course offerings include:

  • Proper execution of the skills associated with the activity level (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • Demonstrate proper skill form and biomechanics
  • Identify basic concepts associated with the activity
  • Identify health related components of fitness (cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility) as it relates to the specific activity
  • Implement intelligent choices within their lives that contribute to a healthy, active lifestyle

Our Values

Learn – To learn new skills and concepts.
Apply – Apply these insights and strategies to your life, your social sphere, and the world around you.
Transform – Transform the way you live and impact the people around you.