Welcome to COACHME@Stanford

The Coaching Office

Advancing Coaching in Healthcare and Medical Education


Scaling Up Coaching: Democratizing quality coaching in medical education.


To build capacity across our institution to deliver quality coaching in medical education and position Stanford Medicine as a leader in this domain.


  • Our program aims to:
    1) Answer the combined call from the AMA, AAMC, and ACGME to integrate coaching into medical education
    2) Develop and deliver coach training courses for educators across our institution
    3) Democratize the benefits of coaching to our trainees
    4) Expand the availability of professional coaching
    5) Research the impact of coaching interventions
    6) Partner with stakeholders to position Stanford as a leader in this field


..."The basic coaching program opened my eyes to additional tools and frameworks that we can use to help support our trainees in their professional and personal growth. I have already used the Appreciative Inquiry model to open up dialogue with residents about what is working well, what they would like to change, and how the program or other resources available might be helpful in their planning/implementation phase. Thank you for helping us to grow our skills as coaches!" – ACGME Program Director

...“I attended post-overnight, and as such, was dreading it. I am so grateful to have attended, though. it was really high-yield!” – GME Faculty Member