Are you a leader in the continuing medical education field or are you looking for leadership development specific to CME to enable you to better serve your organization? Annual educational meetings primarily focus content on foundational concepts and topics for early to mid-career CME professionals. These conferences are often broad and overflowing with CME professionals of all levels and expertise; however, few sessions are valuable for managers, directors, and leaders of CME organizations. Camp CME aims to bring together leaders and rising stars in CME to exercise strategic planning techniques, share experiences on executing vision, and discover strategies to lead teams in the ever-changing landscape of CME. We invite you to join us at the 2nd Annual Camp CME, a leadership retreat for CE/CPD professionals, for four days of skill building exercises to forge meaningful change in your CME organization and networking with fellow CME leaders who desire to grow purposeful careers in a fun, peaceful haven in Yosemite!

Daryl Oakes, MD

Stanford CME

Kurt Snyder, JD, MBA IT

Stanford CME

Jayzona Alberto, EdD, MS

Stanford CME

Mary Sisney, CMP

Stanford CME