Unwind. Quiet the striving mind. Stretch, move gently.


Breathe. Exhale completely. Inhale deeply. Relax. Delight in your body’s physical sensations by sequentially focusing on each part from head to toe, palm to palm.


Awaken to what you see, hear, taste, smell, touch. Listen to nature sounds, or silence. Rest your mind. Watch a thought. Let it go. Observe a feeling. Take care of yourself. Renew.


Experience what is happening now. Discern what is right for you. Notice the positive in your life. Enjoy nature. Feel your membership in this community.


Authentically express your feelings. This may include dancing, singing, writing, or giving yourself or another person compassion, or giving a friend a hug, an acquaintance a thank you, a stranger help, or volunteering.

Contemplation by Design (CBD) is a campus-wide, multidisciplinary program designed to encourage all members of the Stanford community to enjoy the power of the pause for the purposes of re-establishing balance, tranquility, compassion and energy to support our creative excellence.