Human Neural Circuitry program seeks to investigate deepest mysteries of brain function, dysfunction

Stanford Medicine’s Karl Deisseroth has created a super-charged, multidisciplinary in-patient research program and laboratory to better understand neuropsychiatric disorders — and share those discoveries with the world. Read more.

Dec. 5 - Global Health Media Fellowship: Apply by Jan. 19, 2024

The Stanford Center for Innovation in Global Health is seeking physicians in training for its unique global health media fellowship. Read more

Dec. 4 - Letter from the dean: Defining AI’s place in health and medicine

Dean Lloyd Minor on why Stanford Medicine, in partnership with Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, is leading the way in shaping guidelines for developing and employing powerful new AI tools that ensure their ethical and responsible use. Read more.    

Dec. 1 - Adding ethics to the mix when developing health care

Can a series of simple thought experiments help AI developers code health care programs more ethically? Bioethics expert Mildred Cho, PhD, of Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics is piloting a training program with this aim. Read more.

Nov. 30 - Twins weigh in on omnivore vs. vegan diets in '90 Seconds with Lisa Kim'

The benefits of eating less meat and more vegetables are not exactly new news, but a Stanford Medicine study of omnivore and vegan diets yielded a mix of expected and surprising results. Read more. 

Nov. 27 - Stanford Medicine magazine spotlight: Cautiously optimistic

Some of Stanford University’s guiding lights on matters AI and ethics share insight about how to ensure the change AI brings is for the better. Read more.

Nov. 21 - AI explodes: Taking the pulse of artificial intelligence in medicine

Stanford Medicine magazine’s new issue explores ways AI is being used to advance medical care, research and education at Stanford, where AI in medicine has been a hot topic since the ’70s. Read more.

Nov. 20 - Medicine's AI boom: The Stanford impact

Leaders in medicine ponder the promise of AI to solve society’s most vexing health problems. You might be wowed by the possibilities taking shape at Stanford. Read more.

Nov. 16 - Maya Rossin-Slater wins prestigious AEA prize for women economists

The prize awarded by the American Economic Association is for her research that "addresses questions of critical policy importance with clever research designs and novel identification strategies, careful econometric work using high-quality administrative data, and analysis grounded in economic theory." Read more.

Nov. 6 - Integrated Strategic Plan (ISP) Star Award

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2023 Integrated Strategic Plan (ISP) Star Award! Read more.

Oct. 24 - Using virtual reality for hoarding disorder in “90 Seconds with Lisa Kim”

A first-of-its-kind study by Stanford Medicine researchers lets patients practice letting go of treasured objects in simulations of their own homes. Watch the video.

Oct. 23 - Q&A with Bright Zhou, a resident with an unconventional path 

Bright Zhou's fascination with archeology sparked a passion for languages and culture as storytelling tools that are essential to delivering culturally reflective care. Read more.

Oct. 4 - What you need to know this vaccination season

Stanford Medicine infectious disease expert Anne Liu provides guidance on the RSV, flu and new COVID-19 vaccines this fall. Learn more.

Feb. 15, 2023 - Ways to support earthquake relief efforts in Turkey and Syria

We have compiled some resources to support the relief efforts, as well as information on how Stanford Medicine is helping and related news. Learn more on StanfordMed TODAY.

April 4, 2022 - Stanford Medicine resources in support of Ukraine

We want to acknowledge those who have reached out about the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the country’s rapidly deteriorating humanitarian situation. Please refer to this list if you are seeking ways to support Ukraine, created by our colleagues at the Stanford Center for Innovation in Global Health.

Feb. 7, 2022 - One-stop resource: respiratory illness-related updates

This one-stop shop has been curated for Stanford Medicine employees to reference the latest COVID-19 testing, isolation and booster updates. Please use this page to find the most current information.

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