Chichilnisky Lab - Media

Stanford Medicine Alumni Association Alumni Day 2019

Sensorium: Enhancing the World of Perception was an all day event which focused on our senses and what Stanford Medicine is doing to protect, enhance, and in some cases, even restore them. In this 9-minute video, E.J. Chichilnisky explores the sense of sight and what his team is doing to restore vision and the future of advances in this field.

Brain Mind Summit: Development of Artificial Retinas for Treating Blindness (2018)

Dr. E.J. Chichilnisky summarizes his approach for developing high-resolution artificial retinas at the Stanford Brain Mind Summit in 2018. This 20-minute presentation is a quick introduction into the complexities involved when tackling an enormous task such as curing blindness.

3sat nano: Upload your brain (2018)

Dr. Chichilnisky’s work is showcased in this 7-minute German-language video. Rebuilding the retina with electronics and the future of brain-computer interfaces in general are discussed.

World Economic Forum: Producing Bionic Eyes to Restore and Augment Vision (2017)

In this 5-minute presentation from the IdeasLab at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Dr. Chichilnisky presents a brief overview of how understanding the retina at a cellular level promises to improve retinal implants.